I Kungens park

Design Johannes Molin. Published by Carlsson förlag.
Photographer: Laurent Denimal
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Djurgården is today the world's first national city park, the former royal deer park in Stockholm. It forms a green oasis just across the water from the city centre. Employed a season by the park management as a gardener, I spent my days working on Djurgården with a Polaroid camera beside me.

Polaroid photography provides unique, small-format images without a negative, limited to a single original photograph. The book "In the King's Park" presents a selection of motif, caught in an instant.

The book contains a foreword by the Swedish writer Per Wästberg (member of the Swedish Academy) and a presentation by Laurent Denimal (texts in Swedish, French, English and German). It is designed by Johannes Molin and published by Carlsson Bokförlag in Stockholm.

Technical data:

Format: 135x214 mm, 80 pages, 37 scanned photographs from original Polaroid 600
Four-colour printing
Paper: insert – MultiArt Silk 150 g; jacket – cover material Brillianta
ISBN 9789173316439
Weight: 270 g
First edition 500 copies, ©2014